Rosé Northern (500 ml)

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A cross between a Red and Alfredo sauce.

Made with aged Asiago from Wisconsin.

Gluten & Meat Free.

500 ml / 18 OZ (511g) NET WT. 1LB. 2 OZ


Tomato; tomato paste; asiago (cow’s milk, bacterial cultures, rennet, salt); cream cheese (pasteurized milk & cream, modified milk ingredients, water, salt, locust bean gum, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme); butter; tomato juice; extra virgin olive oil; sugar; garlic; seasonings & herbs; Celtic sea salt; habanero powder. 


Do not use when seal is broken. Keep cold, away from the heat & refrigerate for storing.  For longer storage freeze after 5 days opened.


Contains dairy & sodium.

Nutritional Facts