Originale Nearest & Dearest Sauces

It is only from old world skills, patience, and recipes passed down from generation to generation that our Originale Nearest & Dearest sauces are born. We create sauces with the richness of flavours, textures, and aromas without the use of any meat, thickening agents, MSG, artificial flavours or other additives. Blended or fashioned with the finest natural ingredients, all Originale Nearest & Dearest Sauces are also wheatless and gluten free.

Red Pasta Sauces

Our tomato-based red sauces are rich and flavourful, prepared with natural ingredients including fully ripened California tomatoes, natural dried Celtic sea salt, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, wine and cheeses imported from the United States and Italy, and our special blend of herbs and spices from around the world. Meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans, rejoice for these ready-to-serve varieties that can also be enhanced with the addition of your own favourite ingredients or by us when you read further on.

Our Lines of Sauces

Buona Salute  
      For centuries, Italian common cultural practices celebrated toasting to someone’s “good health”, happiness & future. Taken to heart, these sauces were designed to complement these gestures. At Chino’s, Buona Salute (Good Health) refers to:

Health – Reduced sodium – 50% less sodium than our Gourmet & Connoisseur line, no cholesterol, only natural raw sugar (approximately one table spoon per six cups of sauce when used) or No Sugar Added, extra virgin olive oil, and natural and fresh ingredients.
Happiness – A culinary experience of delectable tastes, aromas & textures in a plain red sauce. When you’re happy, we’re all happy!
Future – Our sauces will keep you coming back for continued enjoyment and a lifetime of health and happiness!

 Traditional Regular
 Traditional Regular Medium Hot
 Traditional with Fresh Spinach
 Traditional Regular Medium Hot with Fresh Spinach
 Rustic Marinara
 Rustic Marinara Medium Hot
 Traditional Regular (Natural sugars & sulfites from ingredients; no sugar or
 artificial sweeteners added) 
 Extra Thick Regular (Pasta/Pizza Sauce)

      Our gourmet varieties are much less an extension of our Buona Salute line taken to the next level to create new and exciting tastes, all with the continued use of fresh and natural ingredients.  Richer than rich in flavors, thicker than thick in textures comes our Gourmet varieties containing the magic touch of various ingredients when used in the cooking process, such as sea salts, wines, spices, herbs and imported natural aged cheese(s) made from cow, sheep or goat milk. 
Traditional Regular (Cholesterol Free)
Traditional – Italian (Romano cheese made from sheep’s milk)
Traditional – Italian (Romano cheese made from sheep’s
milk; natural sugars from ingredients; no sugar or artificial sweeteners added).  

Coney Sauce 
      Our Coney variety branches out from our signature pasta sauces to begin a new era of flavor, aroma, and texture. It is an adjustment to one of our Originale sauces that embodies an entirely unique world of spices and herbs that are Italian, American, Mexican, East Indian, and Greek, freshly ground and simmered to perfection. Like all Chino’s sauces, our Coney variety has multiple uses. It is the perfect garnish for hot dogs, hamburgers, and fresh fries, it is a great chili base, and it can be made into dips.  

With our Connoisseur line, we break all the rules, taking our Gourmet variety to the next level and beyond to bring you a collection of sauces robust in flavour and character. This complicated and non-forgiven sauce requires constant dedication, time and care. Here, we start with tomatoes, garlic, sea salts, butter and extra virgin olive oil in a slow simmer and very precisely add spices, herbs and heavy cream with imported natural aged cheese(s) to achieve the absolute richest than richer sauces.  

     Traditional – Italianno  (clarified pork fat, Romano cheese made from sheep’s 
     Rosé – Northern (Asiago cheese made with cow’s milk)
     Rosé – Southern (Romano cheese made with sheep’s milk)  

Coming Soon:
     Pizza & Entrees  
     White Pasta Sauce – Alfredo
     Cheese Sauce  
     Rosé North American
     Fresh Pasta
     Organic Red Sauce
     Red Wine Sauce 

Allergies please read labels.