Our Company

The foundation of any building is the most important part of that building, but so too are the beginning steps of any successful project or business.   If you think about this, it is so very true for just about anything, and not just for food.   

With this in mind, I would like to acknowledge my own beginnings and thank my parents, my Nonas & Nonos too.  The premium quality ingredients, the craft of our cooking, and the otherwise search for excellence at Chinos is a direct result of my own efforts – the very same principles that were handed down to me by my family.   Let me explain why this is important to you. 

“Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book on success shows how many Europeans brought specific skills and attitudes to North American after the war. These skills and attitudes of these people were responsible for the success of the North American economy.    This is my own personal history, as my parents came from Italy and were the same people who made this decision take the journey to come to Canada to a new and better life.   What they brought over with them was in their suit cases, their minds and their hearts.  

As many landed immigrants, they had to endure, conquer, groom themselves and learn from the many obstacles in their path.   Many an immigrant worked diligently and brought with them the desire to achieve.   They did this for themselves, and their only growing family.   This brought a better life as middle class citizens, to everyone in Canada.   You must agree that the desire to do good work, and to produce quality and excellence are the hallmark of success

Just like each region of Italy has its own version of excellence in cooking, so too did my own family.  At an early age, I would be treated to the finest of cooking traditions.  Without having to travel, I learned about excellence cuisine each and every day of my life.   It was charming to learn about the different tastes of the various regions of Italy from my Mother, my maternal and paternal grandmothers.   This represented over 100 years of Italian Cooking experience.   As a very young man, I learned to expect great cooking no matter where I went because this was my everyday experience.  

Life taught me how rich and varied my life was in this regard, but I knew that I needed to add to this cultural experience.   It was up to me keep this alive, but as well to move the experience forwards too.  Like my parents before me, and my grandparents before them, I needed to learn intimately, the culinary wisdom of my cultural heritage, and my family.   There are no secrets to cuisine, but much rather that cuisine needs to be shared.  

           So in a nutshell, this is what Chino’s is about:  to bring old world quality to the dinner table, but as well to excel due to a nearly slavish attention to detail

           Perhaps after reading this short passage, you can see why I have held to this as my own personal “Golden Rule”:   

“There Are No Short Cuts In Good Cooking!”

     Perhaps in your own life, you come across times where my principles are shared by you with what you do.   At Chinos we want to share our experience and expertise with you, and hope that you treat yourself to the extraordinary taste that experience and quality can bring.  I hope you enjoy reading through this webpage, and hope as well that you:

·         select samples of our excellence, and

·         learn to enjoy the marriage of Premium Ingredients and Quality Old World cooking.


Buon Appetito !