Our passion is finding the finest Italian foods and ingredients. We understand what it means to provide families with healthy meals and fabulous tastes that only true Italian foods can deliver.

That's the Racconto difference. Authentic Italian. The finest quality. Hand selected Italian ingredients. Sauces from old-world family recipes. Foods lovingly selected to fill pantries. Flavors directly from Italy that reflect our love of family. Foods that truly earn those "dinner was amazing" hugs.

Experience the difference authentic Italian makes. Show your love for food, family and life by serving Racconto.

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The Chino'sDifference

Chino's is an importer of a full line of the finest authentic foods, hand selected from Italy, and available in grocery stores across the country.

Mouth watering pasta, sauces from old-world family recipes, sun-kissed olive oils, rich tomatoes, natural and organic foods, and ingredients that bring undeniable taste of Italy to your table.

As we travel through the hamlets of Italy, we discover new products like our gluten free potato gnocchi and our high protein quinoa potato gnocchi. And our all-new Sriracha Pesto sauce offers that flavor 'kick' to enhance your taste buds.

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